Americans spend a lot of time not extravagant. We should try to celebrate it

In order to celebrate his debut Sexy Evening Gowns in autumn 2017 series, Ralph Lauren decided to give up something more personal designer typical fashion show, but also more luxury tycoon invited guests to start empty-handed: Bedford, N.Y., in a private garage house his collection of rare and exotic car show and dinner.

Guests dressed in cocktail suits and transported to the September event, a team of black cars has been equipped with the CD jazz standard, selected Lauren for two hours. When they arrived, they were greeted with champagne and appetizers. Celebrities including Jessica Chastan and Diane Keaton chatted in the car: Ferrari, Porsche, Bugatti, mclaren. Lauren’s collection is considered to be the best in the world, and is estimated to be worth 300 million dollars. He 57SC the Atlantic Bugatti sports car, with its sensuous lines, is worth $50 million alone.

After introducing classic men and women’s clothing, Lauren walked out of his bow wearing black overalls and weathered brown belts. He led the audience down to a lower level, filled with more cars, surrounded by a dining table, with dozens of red roses on it. The menu is drawn from his own restaurant Polo bar – including lobster salad and hamburger. Each guest at the ferry back to Manhattan a bag of Ralph’s garage when caramel corn snack.

Although Wall Street may argue whether that night will eventually benefit from the shaky bottom line of the company, it is a proud and confident display of Lauren’s professional achievements, personal wealth and elegant aesthetics. “Every detail is considered to make the experience as luxurious and memorable as possible,” said a senior executive. Nevertheless, she was ready to fight back: too much, too far, too indulgent. These criticisms are from the fashion Sexy Evening Gowns industry and social media criticism. A fashion writer focused on the economy of the evening and compared Lauren’s car value with the gross domestic product of a small country. Is he just trying to show off? “Is this the biggest disconnect between fashion brands and countries so far?”

This disdain is not left to Lauren or the fashion industry. It’s not confined to pesky people, like Louise Linton, the wife of Steven Mnuchin. Or Wall Street bankers, entrepreneurs, athletes, or Kardashian. Put avocado toast Sexy Evening Gowns pictures too much for your Instagram and you can also find yourself in the cultural cross line.

Critics are extravagant, for a simple reason: high priced consumption is unseemly, wasteful and selfish. In particular, a lot of distressing news today – the prevalence of opium addiction, the drift of the refugees, and the chaos in the US health care system, are particularly problematic. How can a rich person spend thousands of dollars on a brand name costume? How can so many people be so reckless that they show off their wealth in front of people without money? Why would anyone even have such an incredibly expensive outfit?

These views, especially in Washington, resonate. Cities are the center of democracy, the cradle of nonprofit organizations, the stronghold of smart people and nerds. In other words, this is zero for those who believe that they work for higher goals or higher goals. They swore that they were not poverty, but indignation. No, such a statement, so that these serious Washington people from their earnest and their piety and custom chandelier or recycled wood cooking altar of god.

“People make ends meet, see other people spend millions of dollars; it’s offensive,” said Linda Gaskill, who is the local readers, the magazine’s April song of luxury, she lit a letter to the editor, and then easily expand it in a telephone conversation, a few months after the photo.

Luxury, Gaskill told me, that the notorious one percent who cater to the thin population are not accessible to ordinary consumers, who manipulate the capitalist system. Their jewelry, watches and private jets symbolize the unfathomable way of life. And the high priced gear in the mass magazine is discouraging cynicism and unfair system validation. “Sometimes,” Gaskill said, “things happen, you’re less than one person, if you don’t own them.”

Yet, in all the legitimate concerns about wealth, inequality and free capitalism, it is easy to forget another aspect of the debate: luxury is not just a high price tag. These luxuries can be amazing, even inspiring. These luxuries – some of them – the best of them – can be a Sexy Evening Gowns model of human artistic skills. They can provide lasting beauty. Their innate creativity pushes the world forward. This luxury, real luxury, in fact, can become a cultural sustenance.

Luxury is always associated with morality. In a speech about wealth and indulgence a few years ago, Christopher Berry, a professor of political theory at University of Glasgow, noticed that the Romans often argued about the luxury of moral norms. They even stipulate how many citizens can spend at the feast, believing that there must be something that has no value added, and that there is a better one, and a better one. Berry says they believe too much luxury is bad, and if not bad, it’s at least pointless.

The New Testament teaches, “This is a camel crossing a needle’s eye more easily than a rich man entering the kingdom of God. Christian Berry, explained that the luxury of desire and lust is humility is godliness. Popular culture is vividly shown in the 1989 films “Indiana Jones” and “the last crusade”. “The Holy Grail – Search – Jesus Christ cup will not lead to a jewel encrusted, golden goblet. Instead, it was portrayed as a crude, stained “Carpenter’s cup”.

By seventeenth Century, there was a sense that western culture had stopped the struggle against human nature and the inevitability of desire. Berry said, “the only way out of desire is to die, and luxury does not completely lose its moral connection. Now it is closely related to trade and becomes a sign of economic superiority and influence.” Luxury can be seen from business, employment, and the attendant benefits.

In the United States, in the early twentieth Century, luxury began to talk about the success of capitalism, the upward mobility and the success of immigrants. Television audiences cheered George and Louise Jefferson’s sitcom “Vanity Fair” because they finally landed on the economic ladder and declared their “Luxury Apartments” in the sky”. The entrepreneur’s money may have been oppressed by labor practices or predatory business methods, but it is the noble charity of perfume, the establishment of libraries and art institutions.

However, in some parts of the United States, some changes have taken place in the United states. Some things, by observing other people’s luxury, add to the sense of mental hurt, and restore, to some extent, an earlier and more critical view of luxury. This Sexy Evening Gowns change may be related to the rapidly widening income inequality gap that began in 1970s. The reasons for this difference are complex, and many, the unions weaken, manufacturing jobs decrease, tax policies become less active, but the result is that the economic ladder has become more difficult for many people.

At the same time, with the expansion of income gap, luxury goods are becoming more and more popular. Such as LVMH group to invest in more brands, one percent of the world’s people opened more Sexy Evening Gowns stores to make room for the new. Listed companies expand their supply of products to meet shareholders who want to pay dividends.

Now luxury is inevitable. It is no longer hidden in the hedge. This is where everyone sees and desires. Luxury goods have landed in medium-sized cities, suburbs and online. Came to Las Vegas is committed to the village of glass and marble, which notes her in a Thomas serdari, an associate professor of marketing at New York University’s Stern School of business, “the life of the poor rich. “Unless they can’t.”.

Washington’s luxury goods and other countries’ luxury goods have undergone the same evolution: from quiet wealth to higher popularity. The city has long been closely related to luxury goods. The Rizik family of products, for example, has been in business for more than 100 years, a late life, continued by Oscar de la Renta and Naeem Khan sold the evening dress and wedding dress, Sexy Evening Gowns, a cost of more than $8000. Georgetown townhouse with millions of dollars of the eighteenth century pipeline. This is the 100 dollar steak dinner town since Nixon.

But for a long time, most people in D.C. were for discretionary power. They don’t drive luxury cars or wear fashionable clothes. Years ago, I once praised Washington society a particularly lovely cat Hermes Kylie pack her. She smiled uncomfortably, and started a long story detailing how she passed it almost carelessly, really not expensive imagination and oh-god-i’m-so-mortified-that-you-noticed-it!

Now, the local people have become more ostentatious. More obvious. The money now says that in the neighborhood, the deafening volume equals or exceeds the roar of greater power. Everything from coffee to apartments has been brushed with luxurious patina. There’s a surge of high-end fashion, a $10000 home, a chef’s menu, a budget, a fitness course, Tesla and Bentley. The current commander in chief is a real estate tycoon with professional and personal philosophy. The White House’s cabinet is full of millionaires. Even baseball, American pastime, Washington is contemporary luxury experience, including the club’s seat, Lexus lounge, buffet, brewed delicacy. There seems to be no product or activity, no matter how ordinary, there is no sign of being obsessed with personal success and status.

This endless, visible social divide – like in Washington and elsewhere – has led to an air fury. The researchers found that the economy class passengers were more likely to perform on the first class plane, suggesting that their anger was caused by the difference in consciousness, rather than the actual flaw in their narrow seat on the coach.

“Modern airplanes are the epitome of a society that makes passengers who are unequal to design airplanes through physics.” Prominent, more subtle, boarding procedures, “researchers Katherine DeCelles and Michael Norton wrote. People’s perception of socioeconomic status is influenced by situational factors. Even the inequalities that are temporarily exposed to the body – that is to say, are placed in their own “class” (economic class) during flight – related to antisocial behavior.”

If people get on the plane and really see another class, they get even more excited. Those in the economy have more outbreaks of anger “when they get to see the size of the seat before the pre champagne on the couch.

You don’t hate them because they can afford a comfortable seat. Heck, if you can afford a first class ticket, you’ll buy one. You hate the fact that it’s better, better seats. At the same time, according to this study, when all classes pass through the same door, the first class passengers are more acutely aware of their relative privileges than they pass through a separate gate, and they are more likely to be “aggressive” bastards

And a rich life is often far beyond the gaze of ordinary people, their private island and National Park scale ranch, their expression of luxury is almost invisible, it is a luxury people will encounter every day, their teeth edge. This is not a strange car collection parked in some of the tycoon’s custom garage, which is double parked in front of the entire food BMW. Or Sexy Evening Gowns photos of your newspaper tycoon’s luxury car.

As the social norms surrounding luxury goods are changing, the product itself is changing. With the increasing number of luxury goods, their creators shifted their focus from luxury to what they represent, and Dana Thomas wrote in the luxury edition: “how luxury has lost its Luster?”. Consumers stop asking questions.

The essence of luxury is innovation and quality. One of the audience enjoyed it. Nowadays, the most common luxury brands are often lack of innovation and quality, and the number of viewers who appreciate knowledge is also decreasing. For example, this is a problem in tailoring men’s wear, because most people are not interested or mature enough to know what a good textile is, “says Serdari. “The generation was not interested, not educated.”

The result is that luxury is out of its historical context: no heritage, no sense of craft, no understanding of raw materials, and no appreciation of invention. These are a bunch of expensive things in the minds of critics. People think luxury is the only tool and identity of other people, and also obviously better products. In the ocean of general marketing campaigns, from stainless steel appliances to candles to luxury goods, the word has been debased.

However, the old form of luxury – synonymous with quality and Artistry – still exists. It’s this luxury version that’s worth defending. There are a lot of companies, from high-end watch maker Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin fashion house Chanel and Herm S, its products continue to reflect the luxury is in former times. Chanel has gone so far as to buy some French studio, specializing in fine embroidery, handmade flowers, Millinery company and skills, will in all likelihood have disappeared in the mass production of this era to ensure that they can continue to supply Chanel haute couture decoration, in a single Handmade clothes can be sold for 20000, 100000 dollars a night dress. Sometimes, a dress is more than just a dress. This is a legacy. Clever, if not art.

Serdari is equivalent to baking cakes to create a luxury. Every cook is using sugar and flour, but where does the high grade bread come from? Are you using your grandmother’s secret recipe or Duncan Hines’s box? How much money and speed do you use to stir up the pot? All of these will affect the quality, taste and attractiveness of the finished product. “Technology and art Herm S,” Serdari said, referring to the company’s products, Home Furnishing Ma Anhe porcelain. “The Herm is doing is right. They protect the company’s heritage; they don’t cheat their clients. They really produce what they say.” (no Serdari commitment, she praised the Herm from the United States does not have economic benefits)

Robert Chavez Herm, President of the United States told me that he realized this kind of contradictory emotions, people on luxury. But he suggests that his company offers more than direct selling to customers. He said, “a large part of our sales are about technology. We advocate arts and crafts. We give people the appreciation of handmade things, “even if most people can’t afford to buy these things.”

This may give many arguments in favour of Jiabao’s luxury house. “We make things that need to be repaired,” Chavez said, which means that luxury can be the reverse of disposable consumption culture, and consumers dump large amounts of waste in landfills. Luxury brands usually adopt technology and expertise, through apprenticeship skills are good, risk is squeezed out, benefit from high-tech efficiency and reduce market costs cut. In fashion, food and furniture, luxury is slow, personal and intimate – part of the high market, and creativity can flourish without price awareness.

Luxury, if possible, is separated from social anxiety, economic policy and moral judgment, and luxury is part of life. As critics climbed up their soap, extravagant and promiscuous, New York serdari urged them to visit Metropolitan Museum of Art. She said, “the value of these luxuries has been going on for centuries.”

In the recent history encountered, make serdari point plain, the most visited exhibition two. 2011, savage beauty devotes herself to fashion designer Alexander McQueen’s work. “China: through the glass,” “2015″, exploring the intersection of culture, fantasy and history of Western designers found in china. The two items were filled with Sexy Evening Gowns and accessories. A few years ago, the clothing had been transported to the runway, and any flush bank account could be purchased. They are now in the museum and to entertain tourists intoxicated. Tourists are emotionally connected to these products.

“If someone allows you to participate in luxury, not even yourself, but to look at it, open your heart and your spirit up,” Serdari said. When she talks about luxury, she encourages managers to ask themselves, “can your company produce the next project in 200 years?”

Luxury goods are not only expensive things, but also a famous thing. This is not an indictment of the manipulated economy. This is one of the reasons why the system is worth repairing. Luxury is the one that “says our civilization in 200 years”, Serdari said. “Luxury is the best expression of civilization.”