Eileen West, fashion designer, women’s nightdress sleepwear pointed out, dead

Eileen West, a famous fashion nightdress sleepwear designer in San Francisco, died of pneumonia at Marin on her 27 day of death for her female pajamas.

Mrs. Asif was born in Aileen Reis and shortened her married name Westerbeke major, 68. Her death was confirmed by her daughter, Julia Westerbeke, Eileen’s creative director of Western brands.

Mrs. Asif founded the nightdress sleepwear clothing company love Linsey and her business partner and friend, Laney Thornton, 1978. The design is sold in department stores, including Nord Messi and Blunmin Dyer at the department store, and online. At the same time, there are three Eileen boutique in San Francisco, one in two on Divisadero street and Grant avenue. They closed in 1990s.

The company created using 100% cotton fabric, the feminine details like lace and floral patterns, cut to create a lasting robe, the robe.

“In the heyday of polyester and nylon, Eileen insisted that her clothes were made of cotton and could be sold all year round, and buyers initially laughed at a proposition,” Thornton told the chronicle via e-mail. From the beginning, Eileen impressed me with her insight, wisdom and profound humility. Working with her is one of the professional and personal pleasures of my life.

“It’s different in 70 pajamas,” Westerbeke said. “My mother believed in creating this beautiful, comfortable cotton nightdress sleepwear. She was kind and compassionate, had an incredible integrity of her designs, and she had a very good attitude towards others.

“She has always been my role model, and I want to make her proud, because I keep this brand in her memory.”

Aileen Reis was born on 1, 1949, at Greenbrae’s Frank and Mary Reis, fourth of six children. She went to school and grew up in Marin county. At the beginning of the 1970s, Mrs. Asif attended Marin college and taught at University of California at Berkeley. She met David Westerbeke in 1971 Leon Russell concert held in San Rafael auditorium pepperland.

The couple married 6, 1975, held at the Westerbeke ranch in sonoma. Julia was born in 1981. The family lived in Mill Valley, Sonoma.

After marriage, westerbekes worked in San Francisco, and owned a family business by David’s grandfather. Mrs. Asif served as a clerk and David as a salesman.

During this time, she worked at the Alvin Duskin clothing store, and David Westerbeke remembered that his wife always made sketches and drawings, and the things that little flowers designed turned to patterns, lace and clothes.”

When David Westerbeke’s father purchased a house in Sacramento and Divisadero street in San Francisco, the family met Laney Thornton, who lives next door. Formed intimate friendship and business relationship.

“Lenny is an importer and entrepreneur, and mom is a designer when she’s more than 20 years old,” says Julia Westerbeke. “Because she started business when she was young, and that was her real education.”

Together, Thornton and west to set up four garment enterprises: a collection of parts named adero; women’s sportswear brand called Rio, Julia Westerbeke said it was for the style of the 70s “bloomers fashion clothing”; Eileen West collection, starting from 1978; Enan que ne flower, Elisi fashion division. This continues in San Francisco. In addition to pajamas, labels also make bedding and a line ready to wear women’s clothes.

“The company was originally Aileen West’s,” Julia Westerbeke said. “They shorten Westerbeke to Europe and America, because it is a bit of a mouthful. But later they learned that there was another company whose name was similar to Aileen’s spelling.”

She said that the company had something to do with the new company. She said, “the name of the business was changed to ‘E’,” Eileen said.

As president Eileen’s Westerbeke West, the mother said to her, “in every aspect of the business, she has her hand.”

“I don’t know how she found the time, she had an incredible job passion and attention to the deal,” Westerbeke said. “When I was born, she was in Sonoma, and she installed two earth wires to keep the business phone in check. She devoted herself to the work of her life.”

Since the last century at the end of 90s, Eileen West has been licensed to New York, but San Francisco is still located in comal nightdress sleepwear.

In recognition of her contribution to the fashion industry, Mrs. Asif was awarded the femmy 2005 Lifetime Achievement Award in the nightdress sleepwear industry’s annual event.

Out of her business, Westerbeke says her mother is a fan of opera and ballet, Italy cuisine, knows the name of every flower that exists.” Mrs. Asif also loved animals, and “pet deer,” came to the backyard in Marin as a child.”

Apart from her husband and her daughter, the Grand Canyon of Mrs. Asif’s brother Dennis Reis penngrove, Jim Reis, Santa Rosa America and Tucson Ed Reis Frank Reis; Long Chandler, sister Jeanette, Ariz.; and grandson Beckett Quinn San Francisco.

Funeral service will be personal. The family called for donations to the Ma Lin humane society in the name of Mrs. Asif.