Jennifer Lopez’s sexy nightdress sleepwear dress is reminiscent of her iconic Grammy dress

Although Jennifer Lopez’s Versace dress is going down in nightdress sleepwear fashion history at the 2000 Grammy Awards, the pop icon isn’t ready to leave it in the book, because bold fashion is only part of her iconic style.

Earlier this week in Dubai, the exciting performance of superstar’s sudden pure nightdress sleepwear dress, completely reminiscent of the green Versace creature, the award she wore in the early regulation shows, looks flawless and flawless, and she was fifteen years ago, an epic night.

Long sleeve pattern design, prominent neckline and fully open skirt look more like a beach hood than the actual clothes.

Lopez layered black bras and sexy ensembles, matching nightdress underwear, flaunting her perfect game. Not only did the clothes take us back to 00, but her hair went back to the original choice, and it was done in half, half a year.

Short social media shot by people fully encourage Latin female singers to work on cameras. Finished, is that you? “Pretty!” and “Alive!” When Lopez bent his legs and treated the runway like a runway, she shouted at her.

For an icon, a day’s work.