Plus size perfect! Its role is to her Tess Holliday size 22 model curve online program series at the design institute… She is very chic fashion internship report in the center of Paris

Holliday may dress up as Ariel of the little mermaid for Halloween, but her recent change has made her a more glamorous character.

The 22 size model looks like every inch of fashion star brings her a storm, plus scale brand eloquii, a stunning new campaign.

In Paris, France, on a location shot, the chic show saw the 32 year old model showing off her sexy outfits and showing the stunning backdrop of a luxurious Parisian Hotel suite.

Featuring Sexy Evening Gowns and dressy separations, the starting price is $225, despite the luxurious completion of prominent works including feather scarves and red sequins decorated long sleeved dresses.

Bold flowers are also a key feature and the collection has an old-fashioned sense of heavy brocade manners. The collection starts with size 12.

When it comes to her own view of fashion, “big beauty” reveals that her feeling of clothes is the most important thing when she chooses things.

She said, “if I feel good, that’s the most important thing.” This may mean a denim shorts and a top, when I M up my family in the countryside. It could be a slick, floor length evening dress when I went to a black tie event.

One day, it as a basic black pants and I found in the drawer of the first T-shirt, because I m two as a full-time working mother, sometimes you have to wear Sexy Evening Gowns.”

But being a mother of two children, of course, does not mean that Tess can’t find the least time to enjoy the fashion – this is what she showed earlier this week when she was dressed up as a little mermaid Ariel.

Her family spent Tuesday night’s Mickey’s Halloween party dressed up as a beloved Disney film character in Disneyland, and, a year old son of Bowie sporting lobster costume, played the role of Sebastian.

Her long locks were cleverly designed to be wavy and decorated with forks and starfish.

Tess was able to notice the details in the Sexy Evening Gowns.

She put on a long coat and looked like a shimmering sequins, a mermaid’s fin, a lilac tights and a black leggings.

“Halloween ready,” she hit a story she shared in Instagram.

The mother of the two child also showed her sparkling silver eye shadow and her camera fluttering with eyelashes.