The Miss Universe contestant blazed in the Sexy Evening Gowns competition

The beautiful ladies of the 2017 Miss World beauty pageant show their Sexy Evening Gowns in the first dress competition. We have a picture!

Womens Sexy Dresses

The Evening Gowns competition has always been the highlight of any beauty contest. In the 10 year, the 2017 world top 2017 finalists dressed in all the dresses in the November 26th competition.

In the swimsuit competition, we have seen their knockout, and the evening is beautiful women show their style of opportunity, whether it is sexy or elegant. The contestants brought all the satin, the full skirt and all the gorgeous clothes we got.

Red is always one of the most love color, in the game, from Japan and Malaysia players throw pent up shadow. In the clothes worn by Miss Kazakhstan, miss Trinidad and miss Tobago, white is always very popular.

Sexy Evening Gowns

The miss of the British Virgin Islands is very noble in the royal blue of miss Malta, miss Uruguay and miss Finland. Their number of canaries is shocking. See the pictures of the ladies in the evening dress competition, here.

Metal is always playing in the Miss World beauty pageant, because how can you wear shiny silver or gold wrong? Women from Philippines, India and Peru are looking at gorgeous dresses, glinting, and glinting in such a dazzling way.

The lady of America was wearing a gleaming golden robe with a yellow hint. The lady of Canada had a drop of elegance with a gold blouse and a white Sexy Evening Gowns. Miss Egypt and miss Paraguay are also a vermicelli of metal appearance.

Finally, miss Mexico and her beautiful skin bare silver fitting clothes to take home the preliminary round win. All these ladies look very beautiful, so look at our gallery and tell us which of the players shook the best Sexy Evening Gowns!