The shark tank: competition helps to start the fund for new Merino wool nightdress sleepwear

2014 in August, Betsy Seabert just buried nightdress sleepwear her 30 year old son and started fighting chemotherapy for cancer. When the treatment ended, she thought that after the survival of the cancer and the accidental death of the child, she would not suffer any more, and the fate continued to torture her.

“I was eliminated from the treatment of cancer, and the sadness was on that.” I’m going home, relaxing, rejuvenation, and getting back my strength, “Seabert said.” Then I opened an estrogen blocker. It’s awful. ”

The fever caused by the hormone has been perplexing her.

“In the daytime you can take off and add the layer, open the fan,” Seabert said. “But in the evening it deprives you of your sleep.”

The body temperature fluctuates from 4 to 7 degrees, and Seabert is a virtual zombie, operating a night and two hours of sleep for her night sweating.

Then one night, she put her old Merino wool vest wear “base”.

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“I woke up in the morning and realized I really slept better,” Sick Laster said.

Not long after, she clearly Siebert 25 years of occupation career in the outdoor clothing industry to work with her Merino wool experience may be getting good sleep answer.

“This is the perfect temperature regulating fiber,” explains Siebert.

But this is not a secret, the former marketing executive is based on Smartwool and point 6 clothing company’s steamer. After all, the company specifically for outdoor enthusiasts, especially Merino wool do sports clothes, to help the athletes to keep the body heat sweating.

But what Seabert wants is light comfort, especially without restraint or stimulation. She realized that there was only one way to get it.

“No one made a woolen nightdress sleepwear, and I decided to launch this cold angel’s sleep,” Seabert said.

Fortunately, Siebert, annual business plan competition organized by the Colorado College of Mount J Timbo Tes Prince. In the thought of Seabert on competition provides a cash prize of two companies showed a new product of the best business plan.

A focus on her business plan Siebert CMC Yampa Valley entrepreneurship center competition rules.

Kemp Bohlen, a retired Hewlett Packard executive, is one of the reviews.

“She did a great job, put it together, it is very good,” said perrin.” She built some test suits and tried to try them on. She did a lot of homework.

Poland my pajamas family will wear their pajamas for several days and then switch to cold angel nightdress sleepwear. Then the testers have to fill out their sleep pattern questionnaire.

“The person who has tried is very grateful, noticing the difference in front of the eyes. A couple said they didn’t want to go back to their pajamas, “Seabert said.” If I can help a person to sleep well, that’s an important gift.

To win this year’s Center for entrepreneurship, first prize of $10000 has come a long way for her to help the company hibbert.

“We don’t need money to use,” said Randy Rudasics, manager of the business center in the Yampa valley.” But marketing, trade shows and websites are common tools for making money.

In fact, Seabert has added her marketing to her product’s annual outdoor retailer assembly for a month. And she has a spring – line pajamas in two local retailers in the downtown steamboat and Ann Duckel’s spa house buying shoes, a ray of light. Her website is also set up and running in the Christmas order.

Seabert hopes to get her line nightdress sleepwear to high-end fashion shops, spa, of course, outdoor shops all over the country and is now looking for sales representatives.

American manufacturing is an important hibbert.

“The quality is amazing. We found a familiar Merino wool factory in California. Sewing and designing are all tricky, “she said.